Furniture Assembly

This is the person that puts furniture together on site or on an assembly line. To work as furniture assemblers you do not need to have any special education but it can help if you have some experience. If you are self-employed and go to a person’s home or office you may need to have your own transportation and tools in order to do this job. If you work on an assembly line in a manufacturing setting you would be working near the end of the assembly line. It would be your job to put together individual parts in order to create a finished product. On an assembly line furniture assemblers could apply glue to the furniture part, cut and fit joints, and use staples, screws, and other similar supplies to attach parts. Working as furniture assemblers it is considered a type of unskilled labor and the pay can vary, depending on whether you are paid by the piece or by the hour and the type of work that is done.

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