Door Painting

Basically, the most common types of paint grade doors for your cabinets are ones made using solid wood and the ones made using hardwood rails. It is absolutely essential that you follow the correct steps when painting these doors. For instance, if you apply any form latex paint without having properly prepared, chances are that you might actually have a bad finish. The first thing that you need to do is to apply the sealer primer. Opt for a quality primer, one which dries in a matter of minutes; preferably one which dries in less than 30 minutes. You can even use a spray paint primer.

Although there are various colors to choose from, white would be the best choice because you can easily identify any filling which must be done. Of course, you have the liberty to do as you please in terms of choosing the color, but white would be the best if you want the correct finish. Make sure that all the sides and edges are sealed equally at roughly the same time so that they dry up at approximately the same time. The second step is applying the filling coat. You will find that if you choose the doors made from hardwood, they will typically have tiny voids which are only noticeable once you have applied the primer. In such instances, you will then need a filler to ensure that all those voids are properly filled up.

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